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Full Service Treat yourself with a full service because you deserve it!
- Haircut-Beard Service
-Steam Facial Scrub
- Hot Towel
-Scalp Massage
- Cooling Eye Gels/Black Mask/Nose waxing (optional)
$100 Starts From
Haircut and Beard Includes Haircut- Beard Service- Hot Towel- Steam Razor Finish- Nose Waxing (optional) $75 Starts From
Haircut Haircut- Steam Razor Finish- Line Up (optional) Nose Wax (optional) $50 Starts From
Kids Cut Kids 12 and Under $40 Starts From
After Hour's (This Service is for only for After Hour's)
Monday-Saturday: 7PM-10PM
$100 Starts From
House Call Sang I will contact you directly when you book.
Prices may increase depending on distance and services.
$150 Starts From
Color Dye - Haircut
-Beard Service
- Steam Razor Finish
- 1 Solid Color Dye
-Nose waxing - optional
$200 Starts From
Color Dye & Design - Haircut
-Beard Service
-Steam razor finish
- Multi Color dye & design
- Nose waxing - optional
$300 Starts From
Sang Tran
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Art's District
2079 E 15th St, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Experienced Licensed Barber with a real passion
for this craft. Thanks for booking, see you soon!✌️